The Pitfalls of Online Dating – Ways to Spot an Online Dating Scam

The Internet supplies us with an abundance of unlimited information, all with the click of our mouse. You can have access to breaking news, cutting edge medical answers, local and national libraries and much more. Each day, countless numbers of people use the Internet as a positive tool.

However, like most other things, the Internet can have a dark, negative side. For instance, people with a harsh point of view can post his or her dark ideologies on different web pages. Additionally, various offensive information and perversions can be easily accessed on the Internet.

The Internet is filled with dishonest people who are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Often times, these people participate in misleading practices that are meant to take advantage of others and deceive them. This is often referred to as an Internet scam. A popular deception is Internet dating scam.


Males and females alike have been known to create online dating scams. The individual joins a variety of different online dating sites and creates fictitious personal profiles. Another way these individuals try and pull of their scams is by going into a chat room and striking up a conversation with an unsuspecting individual.

Often times, online dating sites that are free, do not require members to go through a screening process. Which such sites, the members gain access without having any limitations placed on them. After these deceptive individuals have made their way into the system, they are then able to put their deceptive plan in place.

Such Internet dating scams are based on lies. These lies sound believable to someone who is vulnerable and lonely. Often times, the deceptive person will make numerous empty promises by telling the other person exactly what they want to hear.

After the online dating scam has been set up, often times the person will ask for important financial information or will simply ask for money. The scam will be seen as a success once the individual has the information or money he or she is looking for. Often times such Internet dating scams originate in various other countries. This makes recovery and prosecution of the stolen property nearly impossible.

Online Dating Tips and Concepts

Online dating is not an alien concept any more. People are looking for their soul mates on the Internet continuously and it has given rise to many online dating services. To fulfill this growing need of people, many sites have come up which makes it easier for people to meet and day. There are many service providers in this regard who would provide you with various dating options.

The correct step and the most essential step for a successful online dating experience is to choose the appropriate and the best service for you. For doing this it is very important that you know the different kinds of online dating, which exist today.

There are five kinds of dating services available today and are mentioned ahead in his article. It is up to you to know and then decide what is the best one for you.

To begin with, the first kind is general online dating services. In this kind of dating, you are made to join a site where you can visit any profile of any person also present on that site. In such a case all the people registered with the site are mostly those who are also looking for dating options.

Example of such a dating services can be lava life and friend finder. There are many more.

The second type of online dating service is relationship services. In this type only those people are interested who really want to get in a serious kind of a relation ship, which can be carried over, in a long term. So you can find some one by conducting a compatibility test. is an example of such a service.

The third type of online dating service is called social networking. This is the most widely used and the most popular mode of dating online. Here many people are registered users of these sites and are in constant touch with each other. It is a wider platform to search for some one as these sites support many people. Face book and orkut are vibrant examples of this kind.

The fourth kind is a very special and different kind of online dating service. It is a site or service that targets a particular group of people. It is called niche-dating services. So as the name suggests, it helps you to look for someone as per their specifications as they say.

This is rather a customized dating form. Such people either share a common interest or are passionate about something common and hence they believe they share a greater compatibility. For example green friends is a group created for vegetarians only. Similarly millionaire match is only for the elite class. It has proved to a good form of dating service as many issues, which can arise later regarding two people in a relation, are already sorted out.

The last and the final type is merging online dating services. In this kind you are supposed to give some kind of cards to those people whom you are interested in and then they are allowed to go through the hidden profile you own. It is rather a technical kind of dating service.

Online Dating Scams

Have you already uploaded some cool picture of yourself on some online dating service? Well, your profile or your photo may be vulnerable to scammers as they may use your image to lure women to some other dating and romance websites.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identities of about 23,000 Americans consisting of profile, photos are stolen each day and during the year 2006, about 30 million Americans were victims of some type of an internet fraud. A person’s uploaded photograph can be used on nearly 100 websites including Facebook under different email addresses.

The main intention of scammers stealing photographs is to post the same photographs under false names so that they can lure women and/or con you off your money.

Mostly these types of fraudulent activities are committed by people living in the African countries whose major source of income comes from this business. They may hack websites searching for credit card numbers or post false profiles with stolen photographs on sites such as,, etc.

The question that many victims of image theft ask is: Is there any legal course against such fraudsters? Well, the answer is probably in the negative; however, the photographs need to be encrypted so that they cannot be copied or downloaded, and the good news is that some websites offer this protection facility.

The good news is that there are complain sites where you can post your grievances. A crime complaint website, [], is maintained by the FBI and it is considered to be the best place to report any scam, including online dating scams. You can even post alerts on scams and learn about others at [http://www.scam]