Online Dating Scams – What to Look For – How to Avoid Them

Have you heard of online dating scams? So you are considering entering the world of online dating, as a consequence there is a couple of things you need to consider before you get started.

The objective here is to make you aware of various scams that can occur when it comes to online dating. Online dating scams can occur and do occur and many people fall victim to these scams.

The reason you want to try online dating is to find a partner and the last thing you need is a broken heart. As you probably know many people can join an online dating site for free and many hide behind the internet to carry out their various tricks, as a result of which you may not really know the person behind the profile.

Communication is of the essence in every relationship. To set up your online communication I suggest creating a special e-mail account for this. Secondly use the communication tools that the dating sites provide.

Do not give out personal information at the start. Secondly check the profile and see if it is on any other dating sites, you can do this by performing a Google search.

This may bring up information relative to that profile as in somebody who previously dealt with this individual and had a bad experience.

Secondly if you find the communication is sporadic and general then avoid this person. The other factor is this, when the individual communicating with you becomes overzealous and little bit too friendly right from the beginning this can be a red flag.

Remember the objective of the scam artist is to build trust and the take advantage once that trust has been developed. Once this has taken place they begin to ask for favors and these favors can get you in trouble.

The rule of thumb is not to do people favors online, and more importantly you want to find a partner who can take care of themselves. If they need your money then something is up?

Which leads me to the next point, if they ask for your physical address to have something delivered, do not give it out! If you do, you may be the recipient of some stolen goods.

In terms of making phone communication if you get some crazy 1900 number do not call it. Men need to wary of prostitution, many professionals post profiles to get business. You need to also be aware that women on international websites can after developing trust start to request money.

When meeting somebody for the first time never have them pick you up and always meet in a public area that is populated.

All in all there are way more decent people out there who are genuinely searching for a partner online, all you need to do is be aware of the red flags and proceed with caution, more importantly take your time and you will be OK.